April 01, 2004

No Jokes, No Peace

Working Assets periodically sends me and the rest of the liberals e-mails with actions they think are worth taking (call your Senator about this, send your Representative an e-mail about that), via their offshoot, Working for Change. Today they sent out an April Fool's edition that suggested these actions:

Appoint Mayor McCheese as Assistant Secretary of Manufacturing

Now that the Bush administration wants to reclassify fast-food restaurant jobs from service to manufacturing jobs, it’s time to let the expert take control and shift us into a recovery filled with new jobs for the more than 8 million Americans currently unemployed.

Thankfully, there is a great candidate for the newly created Assistant Secretary of Manufacturing position who knows all about creating “manufacturing” jobs — at least as newly defined by the Bush administration — The Honorable Mayor McCheese.

Mayor McCheese has overseen an empire that creates jobs in 25 different manufacturing positions, from manufacturing fries to burgers to nuggets to salads.

Urge President Bush to immediately appoint Mayor McCheese as Assistant Secretary of Manufacturing.

That's sort of funny, although it's something that one might see someone organize as a publicity stunt. This one is much better:

Starbucks, “Tall” is Not Small

Activists have successfully pressured Starbucks to offer fair trade coffee via a powerful grassroots campaign, but we can’t stop the pressure just yet. There is another battle to be won — ending the abusive practice of forcing customers to use pretentious pseudo euro-speak when ordering a simple cup of coffee.

Don’t let Starbucks be the boss of you. Tell them to stop using the pretentious “tall, grande and venti®” labels for the sizes of their drinks and use “small, medium and large.”

But what about protesting the fact that other coffee shops are allowed to remain in business, thereby threatening Starbucks' market saturation? Can't something be done about that?

Posted by Francis at 02:12 PM

All of the variations on s/m/l bug me. At Cold Stone Creamery, the three cup sizes are "like it", "love it" and "gotta have it". The last of these is especially annoying, since even ordering a small means that you've gotta have it, just not so much that you're willing to go into a diabetic coma.

Posted by: Ugarte at April 1, 2004 04:51 PM