April 01, 2004

Elvis tests my patience again

The next round of Elvis Costello reissues (Almost Blue, Goodbye Cruel World, and Kojak Variety, three albums collectively known as "the ones that aren't so good") used to be due this month, but have been pushed back until August 17, according to the unofficial Elvis Costello Home Page.

Also no news yet on the bonus CDs, which are of course the big attraction (this time perhaps even more than usual, given the relative weakness of the original albums -- even though I kinda like both GCW and KV), but rumor does have it that Kojak Variety will include the entire set of demos Elvis recorded for George Jones, which fans like me have been dying to hear for ages now. The tracks from it that have been released as B-sides (Hoagy Carmichael's "My Resistance Is Low", Paul Simon's "Congratulations", and Bruce Springsteen's "Brilliant Disguise") have all been top-shelf. (If you followed that link above, you may be wondering if the Wendy James demos will also be included. Probably not. This guy thinks they'll be included as bonus tracks with The Juliet Letters. Hope springs eternal.)

Posted by Francis at 06:06 AM