March 27, 2004

This is probably going to happen to me someday

A man in Ann Arbor was severely injured in a shushing incident. Oh, wait, did you hear that? I think that was the death rattle of civility.

The victim told police he and his wife were watching the movie at the State Theater at 8:30 p.m. when they were distracted by talking behind them. He said he turned and motioned for the man to quiet down, and then the man began coughing in his ear and kicking his chair, reports said.

The victim reported the man eventually spit on him and threw popcorn, so he got up, turned around and said, "Excuse me." The victim said he was punched in the face and thrown down the stairs and into a banister.

So that's all pretty bad. But here's the thing that gets me about this whole story: the psycho guy was talking during the movie, yes? So he must have been talking to someone. I like to imagine he was on a date. Because I bet he would been saying to his date as they fled the theater, "Did you like how I showed that asshole who was shushing me?", and women love that sort of thing.

(Via Chris Null)

Posted by Francis at 12:10 AM

didja see the jerk was arrested? and what was a moron like that doing at a decent movie instead of Rush Hour XIV?

hope he gets nailed with assault for the manager and filing a false police report, to boot.

Posted by: gotcha at March 27, 2004 11:20 AM