March 26, 2004

She'll see you and raise you (if you are buttocks)

Here's a site that Rose found, wherein some savvy entrepreneur has realized the potential in identifying a new thing for women to feel self-conscious about. A female entrepreneur, if you were wondering. (Is there a term for that? "Entrepreneurix"?)

The product is the "biniki" -- a bra for buttocks. Do you even need me to tell you this site is not safe for work? You people with jobs will just have to wait.

Rose also directed my attention specifically to the "History" page, which features these unempowering-in-the-extreme paragraphs:

There is the completely unacceptable common place occurrence of women walking on the beach or poolside with both cheeks hanging out. Women are far more attractive when supported. Better to turn heads to admire.

What is it with this obvious absence in the marketplace of a structured, supportive piece backside uplift-gear? The backside is a beautiful part of the human body when supported and properly framed by interesting bottom hugging clothing. One sign this way of viewing the entire body is finally here is the acceptance of many sports and entertainment personalities. Some even use the highlighting of their notably well formed buttocks’ as self-defining assets.

Having great buns has long been an attraction many men count on. Only now is the ordinary female sitting down cushion gone up front, now actually competing with the long unchallenged brassiere shaped and held bosom, to become an equal and acceptable symbol of beauty in a woman.

As for me, I feel like it would be easier to judge the success of her product if the women in the before-and-after photos were actually wearing pants.

Posted by Francis at 10:58 AM

The word COULD be... entrepreneuse? Like masseur-masseuse?

Posted by: Colleen at March 26, 2004 11:20 AM

I was thinking "entrepreneuse," too.

But not only is she unempowered, she's got some seriously weird language. "Structured, supportive piece backside uplift-gear"? "Only now is the ordinary female sitting down cushion gone up front..."?

Posted by: Kath at March 26, 2004 11:34 AM

I remember enough French to be confident that it's entrepreneuse.

Posted by: rikchik at March 26, 2004 03:32 PM