March 16, 2004

It did! It did get me a lot of hits from pervs doing Google searches!

I get a lot of...I don't know if it has a term, actually...comments that aren't actually from people who read the blog; they're actually spammers who post things that look vaguely like comments but link to porn sites or the usual sorts of sites that spam links to. This increases the number of pages that link to their sites and increases their prominence on Google. I always delete these comments right away, of course, and ban the IP addresses.

Previous people posting -- oh, let's just coin a term for it right now -- spamments have gone with saying things like "nice site" or "me too", or even cutting and pasting text from other people's blogs. But the person who spammented on this entry didn't even bother trying to trick me into thinking they were a real commenter. Here are some choice excerpts (misspelled, weirdly phrased, or just freaky) from their huge comment, with links removed, naturally:

beastiality and animal sex stories here. sweet dogs sex,horses sex,pigs fucking,snakes sex, dogs oral job, horses blowjob
young transexuals here!
pokemon sex
asian beauties, sweet asian girls get fucked. chinease sex. enjoy them
great cocks of the huge gays

I don't know about you, but I've seen all the Pokemon sex that I need to see.

Posted by Francis at 02:22 PM

I get a lot of these, too. It's harder to keep up with them on my site than it is in my inbox.

Posted by: D at March 16, 2004 03:18 PM

Just this weekend, I referred to Wired magazine as "a waste of space." I would like to amend that statement to "largely a waste of space."

Yes, this weekend I read in Wired about a Movable Type plug-in that will deal with these automatic spam postings. And because Google is a good thing, I was able to find the plug-in. Go, download it, and be happy.

Posted by: debby at March 16, 2004 03:42 PM