January 07, 2004

But I kind of don't want to clean my plate, Mom

One of our various wedding gifts (from our friend Tate's parents) was a swell set of kitchen items from Sur La Table. This means we're on the Sur La Table mailing list now, and so, having received one of their catalogs, we can now see that you can't just open to a random page and point and expect that item to be a good candidate for a classy gift. There were two items that Rose was particularly appalled at.

First was the "You Are Special Plate", which bears the inscription "You are special today." The description suggests "serv[ing] an honored guest on this...plate to celebrate special occasions and create a family tradition." So, say little Billy gets to eat off the "You are special today" plate on his 6th birthday. Anyone think Billy's not going to want to eat off that plate all the time? What can you say to that? "Oh, sorry, Billy, yesterday you were special, but today you're not"? This plate is a time bomb.

And then there was the set of plates, mugs, and glasses that feature a detailed cartoon of a cat's rectum. Just what you want to think about at dinnertime.

Posted by Francis at 03:28 AM

That's hilarious, because my parents have had this red plate in their house for years! As kids, we loved eating off the red plate on our birthdays or whatnot. But I remember once when I was about seven when I wanted to eat off the special plate about twice a week-- my parents oblidged for a while, but then got tired of digging it off the top shelf to let their ingrate son dirty it up with vegatables that he wouldn't eat.

True story.

Posted by: gjoe at January 7, 2004 01:10 PM