March 12, 2004

New Zork City

Litte Fluffy has uncovered two quick fixes for those of you who share my love for adventure games (and surrealism, and sophomoric humor).

"Which-Way Adventure" is a game with a truly screwed-up sense of humor, and one which is not afraid to stick you in an endless loop from which there is no escape, so don't be afraid of your "refresh" button. I spent an embarrassing amount of time going through the different possible endings to this game.

"Samarost" is a quick, gorgeous little game whose puzzles do not always follow an especially linear sort of logic, but are satisfying nonetheless. (The creators of the game are also responsible for some other things which are also quite attractive, if not as interesting: "Pantry", an interactive graphics page which doesn't do all that much except make you wonder where all those vaguely familiar musical samples come from (Bjork), and "Rocketman", a super-easy micro-mini-adventure designed for Nike.)

Both games require (or are immensely improved by) sound, reducing their usefulness as secret office distractions.

Posted by Francis at 12:32 AM