March 11, 2004

A plague upon your house party

This started out as an update to the entry below, but then it started getting long enough that it seemed like it ought to be its own entry.

With all the talk of microbes and parasites, how could I forget about the finger puppets and plush toys based on the ten plagues of Passover? You definitely need to check out the larger image of that second one. I also love this line from its product description: "This plush yellow plagues bag contains representations for all of the plagues (not necessarily in the correct order)". How exactly would a bag of ten stuffed toys have any particular order?

If the stuffed plague toys are a little too high-end for you, there's always this crappier set of toys whose plague connections sometimes seem like a little bit of a stretch. What is the sticky hand supposed to be? Boils? Because they might make your hand sticky if you pop them? I don't know. And, personally, I think a rain of ping-pong balls would not really be quite as devastating as a hailstorm. It would be pretty cool, actually, although the ping-pong balls wouldn't bounce very well on the desert sand. They'd ricochet off the pyramids nicely, though.

Anyway, if I'd been designing that set of toys, I would've included a tiny snowglobe of screaming Egyptians for that plague instead. Something along these lines, perhaps.

Posted by Francis at 03:29 PM