February 09, 2004

KISS and make-up

Man, I missed out on a lot by being born a couple years too late to be a fan of KISS. (When they were at the height of their popularity, I was a Beatles-loving second grader who had no idea why anyone would want to listen to a band like KISS, who we kids had it on good authority would stomp puppies to death onstage with their enormous spiked boots.) Like, I just found out that the make-up worn by KISS had actual symbolic intent! Who knew? According to the Information Please almanac, each member of KISS was meant to be a specific character:

Gene Simmons, the bat lizard; Paul Stanley, the star child; Ace Frehley, the spaceman; and Peter Criss, the cat.

Here's a picture from "KISSONLINE: The site that clicks ass" for easy reference:


I just want to say -- wearing make-up to make you look like a cat? I think that's actually more sexually ambiguous than the Village People were. (Well...the Village People were pretty much only ambiguous if you were too young to know better, but still.)

Posted by Francis at 01:34 PM