February 08, 2004

Even physicists get the blues

I finally cobbled enough free time together to finish the song I've been working on for the past couple weeks, a sort of Led Zeppelin-sounding number about the twin paradox. (I know, another song about the twin paradox.) It's called "Last Train to Pluto". Hope you enjoy it.

(Since previous song postings have resulted in requests for lyrics, I'm skipping a step and posting the lyrics in the comments now.)

Posted by Francis at 01:04 AM


Well, I'm on the last train to Pluto
Gonna ride on down that track
Yes, I'm on the last train to Pluto
And I'm never coming back
But if I do
I'm gonna be younger than you

Proxima Centauri
Is the next stop on that train
And by the time I get there
You are gonna be old and gray
If Einstein's right
About the speed of light

And if you hear me crying
Then you won't see the tears
Unless you were looking
Three or four years ago
Oh, no

You went and stole my baby
You're my evil identical twin
So I took the light-speed shuttle
And I'll never see you again
You took my place
And now I need some space

And every day that passes
Our faces will diverge
So when I look in my mirror
I won't get the urge to cry
Oh, why

Well, I took the last train to Pluto
I burned all my bridges down
Yeah, I took the last train to Pluto
You won't have me to kick around
You might share my name
But not my reference frame

And I might just keep on going
To outpost Omega Zed
And I can live there happy
Knowing you'll be long since dead
It ain't no crime
I didn't break the laws of space-time
No, no, no

Posted by: Francis at February 8, 2004 01:10 AM