January 31, 2004

Drums and wires

Care to guess what this is?


No, it's not a terrorist device, it's just one of the over-the-top inserts in the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly -- or the inner workings of it, anyway. For you fellow EW readers, this is the inside of that ad that, when you open its flap, plays a suprisingly loud and fairly long snippet of "Woke Up This Morning", the theme music to "The Sopranos".

But speaking of terrorist devices, if you've got a flight this week, and you stick the latest issue of EW in your carry-on bag, is this thing going to look suspicious on the X-ray monitor? I guess it's a little small to look like something that's going to do any damage. But is it one of the electronic devices you shouldn't turn on while the plane is taking off? "Please turn off your cell phones, and don't open that Sopranos ad in the latest EW."

If I squint correctly, this ad is powered by three watch batteries, so expect to see lots of guys selling watch batteries on the subway this week.

Posted by Francis at 03:15 AM