January 31, 2004

Where Walkmen Don't Fear to Retread

Great review for the new Walkmen CD in this week's EW. 60 percent of the Walkmen used to be members of Jonathan Fire Eater, a band whose debut CD, "Wolf Songs for Lambs", I found in a discount bin in 1997 and loved. So I was psyched when the Walkmen first formed, but somehow, the tracks I heard from their first recording didn't do it for me. (I know, how much of an indie snob do I sound like? Oh, they're not as good as they were when they were Jonathan Fire Eater, la la la, look at all the CDs I own.)

Anyway, the songs I've heard from the new album sound great, especially "The Rat", so I think I'm back on board with the Walkmen. But are they deliberately trying to recreate the old Jonathan Fire Eater magic by having their publicity photos look like the cover of "Wolf Songs for Lambs"? Judge for yourself:



I don't think it's the exact same table, because I don't see that heating pipe in the corner of the EW shot. Still. Come on.

Posted by Francis at 02:52 AM

hi, hamilton is my cousin and i know him very well there band is awesome.. well.. its good atleast. go walkmen! later.

Posted by: evan leithauser at August 22, 2004 11:34 PM