January 08, 2004

Crap session

Are you ever tempted to buy a mysterious bag of junk and root through it to see what treasures you might find, only to end up with a lot of things that are entertaining for five seconds but that you kind of don't want and certainly don't have anywhere to put? Someone has saved you the trouble.

The only item in the bag that I know I owned is the pencil-shaped pencil sharpener (although mine didn't say "Reebok" on it; I wasn't a particularly brand-name oriented kid). But I am impressed with the Rice Krispies ponytail holders, although I kind of can't believe that they date from as late as 1984. They seem more 1950s to me.

But if you only see one cereal promotional item from a bag of junk this year, see the Captain Crunch flying disk dealie, and then go read its patent application. You'll never look at a toy that utilizes a resilient elastic impeller to spin and propel a circular disk having aerodynamic characteristics whereby the user can easily control the path of flight of the circular disk in the atmosphere the same way again.

(Thanks to Debby for the link.)

Posted by Francis at 02:59 PM