Comments: Ring tones

Oh boy, do I know what you're talking about. When Someone and I got married recently we spent an inordinate amount of time picking out songs for our definitely pre-recorded music mix. (Of which we ended up actually playing about one-third, as it happened.) For our first dance, we settled on Alison Krauss' "When you say nothing at all" - which again was an interesting choice, as our dance teacher insisted we waltz to it. Actually a really nice first dance tune, though I fear it's going to become the most overplayed first dance ever. BTW, remind me shortly before Con and I'll bring you a copy of our favor disc, which is not so much about weddings as about Macon, GA.

Posted by David. at February 13, 2005 02:18 PM

Hmm. I think that these are songs for the ceremony ... And the first two, and Ave Maria, are really really fun to sing.

And yes, I am procrastinating by reading through your archive, why do you ask?

Posted by Erin at August 23, 2005 01:58 PM