Comments: Dream is probably always getting sand in his

I really like Death's boots. And Desires. No way could I afford to go up against a bunch of Sandman fans at an auction for them though. Pity.

Posted by Collin at November 8, 2004 03:16 PM

Dig the faux-barbed wire laces on Despair's pair. Now that's paying attention to detail. (Is this Sandman convention a new thing?)

Posted by Toonhead! at November 8, 2004 05:14 PM

Yep, it's new this year. A friend of ours is on the organizing committee, actually!

Posted by Rose at November 8, 2004 08:45 PM

I didn't catch all the shoes, but the ones I got to see (Despair, Destruction, and Dream) went from 200-odd to 550). They looked really fabulous!

Posted by Iko at November 14, 2004 09:28 AM