Comments: Bondage

The more you learn about the history of Thunderball, the more you wonder how they managed to even make a vaguely watchable movie out of the mess, never mind a good one. (Which it ain't.) Unfortunately the mess is too long to summarize here, which is why I really need to get on the stick and finish my Bond essay, which already has that section done. Anyway, trust me, this film, bad as it is, probably shouldn't have existed at all. And by implication, Never Say Never Again (which was REQUIRED to have almost exactly the same script, for copyright reasons) wouldn't have existed either. NSNA is two or three iotas better because it doesn't focus as much on stultifying underwater sequences (Memo to directors: No matter how mammoth your underwater battle is, if it's underwater, it will still look slow as hell), but it has flaws of its own - notably, Connery phoning it in.

By the by, Disco Volante is supposed to be interpreted here to mean "Flying Saucer."

Posted by Columbine at August 6, 2004 12:37 PM

Aw, and I was enjoying imagining all those evil henchmen serving on the "Frisbee".

Posted by Francis at August 6, 2004 03:27 PM