Comments: Bee Freezin'

I think the s-c-h-e-h-e was a "when you spell banana how do you know when to stop?" sort of thing for Akshay. I felt bad for him because he just didn't look confident about how many h-e's he had done.

But I was also rooting for Tidmarsh. He just seemed so chill as he "wrote out" the words on the back of his bib and then had to hold back tears (and keep from Akshaying on stage) when (1) schwarmerei stumped Akshay; and (2) he clearly knew both gaminerie and autochthonous.

Posted by Ugarte at June 4, 2004 06:50 AM

A couple of comments on "Schwarmerei:"

1) I, too, had the first vowel pegged as 'e' -- after they announced the correct spelling, I suspected, and later verified, that the original German spelling includes an umlaut. Whether or not you like Akshay, I think you'd agree that it's a bit crummy to include words that lost accents which were crucial to pronunciation. Of course, they had "facade" in round 4, and everyone thought it was unfair due to its ease.

2) In a way, Akshay did account for the /sh/ sound. In German, 's' before a consonant is frequently pronounced /sh/, as in "spiel" (a round 1 word, if I remember correctly). And I was personally vacillating between 'w' and 'v' due to the /f/ sound in the alternate pronunciation. But, indeed, 'sv' doesn't look remotely German.

And about his stalling: lots of kids asked for parts of speech. Sometimes it can be unclear from the definition, as the distinction between adjective and adverb, or the use of a word like "fear" which might be a noun or a verb. But I think there may be something else at work here. When these kids hear the definition, they scan it for key terms that might influence the derivation of the word. They hear "pollen" and "gather" and rustle up the appropriate roots, and then forget the rest of the context that gives them the ending. Maybe I'm grasping at straws here.

But in the end, I'm all for David Tidmarsh. Particularly because he did the exact same thing I would have done if I were about to win the big one: panic like hell. Damn those kids who can spell "pococurante" and be so, well, pococurante.

Posted by Nathan at June 4, 2004 10:03 PM

David Scott Tidmarsh U ROCk!!!!....
i aLwaYs suPPorT hIM.....;-)

Posted by Elvina at June 18, 2004 09:05 PM