Comments: Scavengers on the loose

I've been here four years now and never bothered to do much more than be vaguely aware of this. It still looks more like performance art than anything else, to me. I do like these two items from this year's Hunt list:

82. Those folks wasting away on the Bush/Cheney 2004 blog say that critics of the PATRIOT Act lack patriotism. Sounds to me like they could really use a refresher on the Constitution. The Constitution has a whole lotta patriotism. I
wonder if Bush’s server could support all that patriotism. No, I’m sure Bush’s server could not support all that patriotism. [25 points. No DOS or the DOJ’ll be on our ass]

213. With the impending culmination of the Buffy-Angel saga, Joss Whedon’s proposed ending to the Buffy/Angel/Spike love triangle leaves us feeling like a vampire with an implant in his brain that doesn’t allow him to harm humans — unfulfilled. Justice must be done to this seminal TV series. Bring back the slayer, and no commercials. [39 points. 2 bonus points if Giles finally hooks up with that coffee-guzzling neighbor. 3 bonus points for splicing in some dancing Angel]

Posted by Scott at May 8, 2004 04:51 PM