Comments: If God had wanted video game characters to have same-sex marriages, he would have created Adam and Duke Nukem

In the last section of my "Zero Financing" journal entry (see URL) you will find an entertaining little story you may have forgotten about a lesbian romance in Baldur's Gate that wasn't supposed to happen. The one in ToEE was deliberate. Pity the game was so tedious I never got to that point. But then, I always play with an all-female party anyhow.

Dov Sherman, one of the people who runs Otaku World, makes a sort of hobby of collecting anime with gender themes, and his kisekae dolls often reflect this (he did not only the best Ranma dolls but also really was one of the first Futaba-Kun Change advocates I ever saw). Perhaps in tribute to the Final Fantasy plot mentioned, he has created a kisekae doll recently where you get to crossdress Cloud as you like. You'll find it at (you'll need to download his FKiss4 capable viewer as well to play it).

Posted by Columbine at April 9, 2004 03:25 PM