Comments: Half Asleep (and something to wake you up)

HA! Finally, I heard of a band before you did!

(They were on KEXP out here a few weeks ago after the Secret Machines came through town.)

Returning to my out-of-it-ness now.

Posted by tanis at December 19, 2008 10:31 PM

Well, I've been listening to them for a couple months now, actually, but I just got around to posting one of their songs today. But there's probably some band you beat me to. Girlyman maybe?

Posted by Francis at December 19, 2008 10:38 PM

Nice choice! This was one of my favorite songs this year.

Posted by Nathan at December 20, 2008 01:54 PM

You are missed. Everything okay?

Posted by bad dad at January 23, 2009 09:56 AM
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