Comments: Get down tonight, briefly

This *rocks*. You should remix the whole show and release it as an album called "We're All Dead Can Dance."

And then you could release an album of Dead Can Dance covers under the same name and confuse people.

Posted by Dan at December 26, 2003 12:38 PM

Thanks! So here's the story of why this remix exists: I had to record all the songs for the show before we started rehearsals, and Rose was out of town for a few days, so that was a good opportunity to get some intensive recording time in. After two straight days of nothing but recording song after song (some more elaborate than others, involving multiple vocal parts or searching for drum loops that worked or whatever), I was getting a little loopy, so when I finished "The Gods Must Be Lazy", instead of working on the next song, I spent a half hour messing with it in Acid. Our choreographer ended up using this version to hold dance auditions.

Posted by Francis at December 26, 2003 04:01 PM