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Don't forget, he's ugly too. That couldn't have helped at the dawn of MYV.

Posted by bpd at January 4, 2006 09:55 AM

Well, and Elvis was already a hit within his limited audience before MTV started making careers. In fact, the crap videos you mention are from the crap albums in the famous "crap" phase of his career (which is actually pretty good, at least for me). The thing is, what MTV didn't do for him was break him out into mainstream popularity, which was never really in the cards anyway.

Really, Elvis came along at a great moment, when wossname with Stiff was just getting going, and when college radio was a good way to get a career going, and when clever marketing could go on the edge of the mainstream and still make a few bucks. When it was worth a label's time to have minor hits. Ten years later, and his MTV-hostile persona would have hurt him a lot more.

Of course, there's the other question, which is why, given that evidently Elvis didn't actually want mainstream success, didn't he find filmmakers he liked and just do whatever videos he wanted? It was being done at the time, and surely he knew some freaky video guys, yes?


Posted by Vardibidian at January 4, 2006 08:06 PM

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