Comments: I define you!

What will it take to get DETUNE/DETUNED into the Scrabble dictionary?

Posted by Doug Orleans at November 15, 2005 03:27 PM

I would guess "ding(ed)" is being used as a verb to mean "rejected from a job interview" or some such.

Posted by Ken/Cazique at November 15, 2005 06:19 PM

Oh, I hope the Floboe is a musical instrument that you attach to a vacuum cleaner.

Posted by Scott at November 15, 2005 06:53 PM

Adorkable was coined on a board I read.

It's basically an adorable dork. (you'll have to look up "dork" now, I'll bet:)

Posted by Sue at November 16, 2005 09:47 AM

Maybe dinged rhymes with singed. It would then mean "to have made something dingy."

Posted by Rich at November 16, 2005 05:21 PM

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