Comments: The needle and the damage done

I *hate* extravaganzas/hunts where no one is expected to solve all the puzzles. As a solver, it leaves you feeling dissatisfied, and as a constructor it means some (often most) teams won't even get to see what you worked so hard on.

Are there people who like this format? About the only rationale I can see is that it lets everyone finish at the same time. But has anyone ever complained "Well, that sucked-- our team won, and so we had an hour to kill during which there was nothing to do but hang out and talk about the puzzles."?

My feeling is that in nearly all cases, these should be designed so that *most* teams will finish everything, some sooner (and perhaps with fewer hints) than others.

I hope this puzzle asthetics NPL panel thingy comes to pass. And that I'm on it.

Posted by Rick at August 30, 2005 07:30 PM