Comments: Happy birthday to me!

Happy birthday! (If it isn't an April joke ;-))
I found your blog from boringboring via boingboing.

I like to know, that some people has Birthday on the same day as me ;-)


Posted by vladix at April 1, 2005 06:44 AM

Many Happy Returns of the Day!

Posted by Vardibidian at April 1, 2005 07:17 AM

Happy Birthday! Federal law (and general lethargy) prevent me from acquiring and delivering the red panda you requested. Here are some links instead.

Money quote: "Zoo Atlanta's red panda, Bamboo, is exhibited here alone because his genes are already highly represented in the captive population." We should all be so lucky.

Posted by Mark at April 1, 2005 02:23 PM

I'm putting that on my resume, right below "Can spin plates just like that guy on the Ed Sullivan show."

Posted by Billy Joel at April 1, 2005 03:17 PM