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September 12, 2003

Hello. I've created a blog

Hello. I've created a blog on the fly for people who clicked on my name because of "God's Company" at www.radosh.net, since my web presence is too diffuse for easy one-click self-promotion on my part. So now I can tell you that if you're amused by my crappy impersonation of Johnny Cash, you may be even more amused by my rock musical that's opening in November, "We're All Dead". It's an evening of three one-act rock musical comedies based on Oedipus Rex, Kafka's Metamorphosis, and Hamlet, and speeds through over 40 songs in about an hour and a half. And you can even buy tickets for it right now. (Scroll way down for us -- curse the alphabet!) You can even buy them after the show has closed in December if you want; that works for us too. And hey, here's a home demo of one of the songs (which, I should warn you, ruins some of the surprising plot twists of Oedipus Rex), the big finale of "Oedipus Rocks": Fate.

If you wish to enjoy some of my copyright-infringing activities, several of my mash-ups are available here under my pseudonym, DJ Lunch Boy. I recommend "Following Through (Tropicalia remix)", "Shouting at 18 Musicians", and "Billie Makes a Splash" for all your musical recontextualization needs.

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September 01, 2003

PR list

One of my goals for this week is to assemble a PR list of places that I'll send press releases to when I'm ready to open the store. I'm eager to get suggestions for places that I might not have thought of!

I'm going to send stuff to all the local media, like the NYTimes and Time Out NY and the Village Voice; I also want to send notes to the super-local media, like the Brooklyn Eagle and the Brooklyn Parents' Pages and stuff like that.

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