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October 15, 2006


Because I am currently unable to say the word "loom" without either a ridiculously long "o" or an exclamation point.

Because I have one! A loom!

On the Spinners and Weavers Housecleaning Pages, I saw an ad for a 22" Harrisville floor loom for *$250*. That is stupid cheap. And the weaver selling it was on Long Island.

It only took a *month* for us to work out a plan for me to get out there and pick it up. {snerk} I finally signed up with Zipcar, and Francis and I took a drive.

It was a lovely day for it; I loooooove driving, so felt especialy bouncy about getting on the road. And I had DJ Francis along--what's not to like? Coming back we saw a phenomenal sunset:


We were a little stressed on the return trip, since Francis had to be somewhere at 7:30. But we made it to the studio, and when the freight elevator turned out to NOT be running? What did Francis do? HE CARRIED THE LOOM UP THREE FLIGHTS OF STAIRS.


I knew that boy was a keeper.

Updates on weaving progress TK.

Posted by Rose at October 15, 2006 09:41 PM


Aw. What a cutie! (The loom; though the top-view of your head also has a certain charm.)

Incidentally, I mentioned to my mom that I have a friend who wants to learn to weave, and she said, "Oh, tell her she can come over here and weave any time she wants." Which is what I figured she'd say. So if at some point you get an urge to weave something wider, you should go use hers. I don't know the model, but it's definitely bigger than 22"--maybe twice that? Also, as I said, she's got tons of books, and she used to teach weaving, so if you have questions, she's your woman.

Posted by: I. at October 16, 2006 01:32 AM

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