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October 08, 2006

Ten miles behind me and ten thousand more to go

The path is the journey, right? So I shouldn't be down on myself for getting down. I'm actually feeling a lot better emotionally than when I last posted, but now I have a cold (fussfussfuss) and have spent the weekend sleeping instead of cavorting in the city (where there were a dozen cool things to do over the last couple of days).

The first issue of Craft just showed up yesterday, and I highly recommend it (although much of the content is familiar to me, since I've been haunting their website all summer -- that shouldn't be as much of a problem with future issues). Great stuff to lie on the couch and snuffle with. I'm planning to pitch an article to them about online community and craft, though I don't quite have what I want to say straight in my head yet, and their articles are all short, so I need to be punchy and clear.

Back to the sickcouch. My cat Twyla has been a most excellent nurse-cat, which helps a lot. Very attentive.

Posted by Rose at October 8, 2006 02:34 PM


Yeah, there are several folded-over corners on my copy of Craft: 01, though a lot more of it was already familiar from Bust or the Internets. As you say, that shouldn't be as much of a problem with future issues.

Man, I wish I could get me one of them Gocco printers.

Posted by: I. at October 8, 2006 04:11 PM

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