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December 02, 2004

I keep this up, people will start to think this is an actual blog

Hey, y'all! The Metrotech campus, right next door to Yarnivore, has been in the middle of decorating for Christmas for about a month. When they started, I thought, "Wow, they sure are starting early. I hate that." But then decorating dragged on for weeks. So by the time they were done, it was after Thanksgiving, which I think is a reasonable time to put up Christmas decorations. Yesterday they lit the tree, and it's all very pretty.

Today when I was walking to the store, though, I saw a bit of decoration that got added at the very end. The art in the courtyard has been spiffed up with red bows! Here are two cellphone shots I took.



I especially love the bow on the Tom Otterness sculpture!

Posted by Rose at December 2, 2004 06:14 PM


Watch it there with the camera...did ya know MetroTech doesn't allow photos on the premises? Last week they asked a photographer for my magazine to scram.

And don't try to advertise Yarnivore there, either...as the Brooklyn Papers recently reported, local businesses are being told they can't advertise or solicit (unless they pay to join the MetroTech BID).

Posted by: Alyssa at December 2, 2004 08:47 PM

hilarious! gotta go by and check it all out.

Posted by: mrspilkington at December 2, 2004 10:04 PM