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September 02, 2004

Electricity is spiffy

We definitely hired the right electrician (a friend of a friend) to wire up our space -- he took down and reused a bunch of conduit that was already on the ceiling, thus saving us money on materials and also, you know, not generating random refuse. A total mensch, he worked for two days all alone and was just as cheerful at the end as he was at the beginning! I wish I could recommend him to lots of people, but he is in transit and moving to Vancouver. Still, it makes me happy to have employed such a great person!

The lights look terrific! The whole yarn-area-to-be is well-lit now, as is my semi-private office-y area. The Church of Craft guild space is similarly bright, in a way that apartments never are, so I'm hoping that will be one more factor helping our guild members make lots of fantastic stuff.

Speaking of the Church of Craft, I'm going to be teaching a class through them: Knitting with Non-Traditional Materials. Unfortunately, at the moment the date that appears there is incorrect: the class is actually in the afternoon on Sat., Sept. 18th.

We have tables and chairs and a first-aid kit for the guild, and lights all over, and things are really starting to shape up! I'll have to bring in a camera sometime soon, so I can document things while the place is still kind of bare. It'll be hard to believe later, when the space is full of yarn and books and stuff!

Posted by Rose at September 2, 2004 12:07 AM