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August 22, 2004

Progress Report

Sorry I've been so quiet over here! Life in the yarn mines proceeds apace -- I've been knitting store samples in just about every spare moment. A couple of days ago I got to play Yarn Mogul (tm) -- I sat on the couch making calls, and I had all these papers spread out, and I had both my cellphone and my cordless landline phone, and I thought, "This is just like Hollywood! But with yarn!"

The store still looks very far from being ready to open, unfortunately. I have to have faith that I can whip it into shape pretty quickly. The lovely guys at ThreadBear turned 6000 sq. ft. of empty space into a yarn store in just a couple of weeks, so I imagine that 500 sq. ft. can be managed.... At least, I hope it can be!

With my top-notch volunteer army of swatch knitters and jacks/janes-of-all-trades, anything should be possible. Just after Labor Day for opening? How does that sound to y'all?

Posted by Rose at August 22, 2004 05:20 PM