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August 05, 2004

Taking lots of deep breaths is important!

Excuse for absence from blogging: bronchitis. What a bad couple of weeks for my body! Last week I had a cold, and I tried really hard to be a brave little trooper, insisting that it would be better in a day or two, until the point where it was hard to lie down (I'd start coughing) or walk around (I'd start coughing) or really, do anything beyond sitting very still (I'd start -- you guessed it! -- coughing). The doc said this was going around Brooklyn and he'd seen quite a few cases of it; the meds he prescribed (antibiotic + albuterol inhaler) seem to be knocking out the bronchitis, to my great relief.

I was made especially miserable this past weekend, since I had so much yarn store-related stuff I wanted to do, and was able to do none of it. To say that this put me in a bad mood is a massive understatement. Fortunately, Francis did his usual fantastic job of soothing me and boosting my confidence, and I'm feeling much better.

Official Yarnivore news: I have a million dollars in liability insurance, the lease (which required said insurance) is signed, and I picked up the keys last Friday! This Sunday we'll have the first Church of Craft meeting in the new space, which will be its official debut. A phone line has been installed, and professional movers are bringing over some cabinets that the New Museum of Contemporary Art donated.

I wonder when it will stop seeming unreal? Francis says that at some point, owning a yarn store will just be the thing that I do, since brains are good at getting used to things. But I don't know -- right now I can't imagine this ever seeming like anything less than a dream come true!

Posted by Rose at August 5, 2004 04:46 AM


I'm glad you're feeling better! How frustrating that is to be down and sick when you've got such a big and exciting project to get going on!

Posted by: Miriam at August 6, 2004 11:25 AM