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July 26, 2004

New York Foundation for the Arts

NYFA is doing a survey of NYC craft makers and artisans and folks who are trying to earn money with their crafting. The goal is to see what more the foundation could be doing to support such makers. If any of you fit into this category, or if you even think you might, please go fill out the survey!


Moral of the following anecdote: always bring your knitting!

I spent 6 hours at St. Vincent's ER Friday evening, making sure that the horrible headache I've been having was a benign (though annoying) situation, and not some aneurysm waiting to blow (eeeeek -- one of the things in the world I find most scary). I try to keep my mild hypochondria in check, but various things about the headache were making me freak. [NB: Everything's fine (yay!), though I am following up with a neurologist in the morning, just to make extra certain.]

However, the thing that sucked most about this lengthy wait was that I did NOT have my knitting! I don't know why/how I left without it in the morning. Reading wasn't very comfortable, due to the headache, but I could have managed some easy knitting, if I'd had it with me. This was extremely frustrating to me, and made the time seem like that much more of a waste. Grrr! So, as I said before, the moral of this story, knitters?

Always Bring Your Knitting!

Posted by Rose at July 26, 2004 11:05 PM


I always bring my knitting and it annoys my kids. Why do you have to bring that? Because I cannot just SIT! Glad to hear your head is fine - so to speak! ;-)

Posted by: elaine at August 4, 2004 01:14 PM