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July 13, 2004

Salad suggestioned

[Post title is from a sign I loved in the Cosmic Diner downstairs from my office]

Hi to anyone who's here from ChicKnits! I love all of you!

You might like to see the sweater I knitted up from Bonne Marie's Ribby Cardigan pattern. Here it is, in my archives.

In other Bonne Marie-written pattern-related news, I think the yarn I'm swatching from Chester Farms will be perfect for the Ribby Shell that she's just finished the pattern for. The yarn is their wool/cotton/silk blend, in a DK weight. It feels fabulous, and knits up on size 6 needles.

When is this Yarnivore store going to be open, you ask? Well, I'm working hard on it! I need a location, preferably in downtown Brooklyn, and I need a little more money, and then the knit-partying may commence. My plan is to get this going before the Big Fall Knitting Season starts.

The plan is to share space with the ultra-cool Church of Craft, led by Callie Janoff. So we are looking for a space that will meet all of our needs. It should be funky, and wonderful, and have a slop sink, and windows. It should be zoned for retail, but can be above the first floor. If anyone helps find us a space, that person will be my new favorite person in the whole world except my husband and my cats (and I can also perhaps work out a Friend-of-Yarnivore discount for you, too!).

PS -- For my puzzle pals: Francis has written up a nice summary of What We Did in Boston. Makes the NPL sound like the National Pleasure-Seeking League, it does.

PPS -- Having not seen Spiderman 2 yet, I'm at a loss at to why there is a picture of Spiderman on my Dr Pepper can -- can anyone explain?

Posted by Rose at July 13, 2004 02:11 PM


"PPS -- Having not seen Spiderman 2 yet, I'm at a loss at to why there is a picture of Spiderman on my Dr Pepper can -- can anyone explain?"

Just an exapmle of product placement and tie-ins to today's blockbuster movies.
It's the same reason why there was Shrek on your Reeces Pieces, or the Hulk on your...whatever.
: )
By the way, there's a giant Spiderman "crawling" the side of one of the off-strip hotel properties here in Vegas. It's being shown at the movieplex inside.
I'm sure the hotel made a nice chunk o' change by allowing the Spidey to be displayed so prominently on the side of the building.

Posted by: tllgrrl@hotmail.com at July 13, 2004 02:29 PM

Yup, product placement rampage. I thought Shrek2 had the most bizarre and unrelated placements, but maybe Spiderman2 is the winner (it was a fun, action movie, good FX, fun inside jokes, random Stan Lee cameo).

I love the plan for the Church of Craft/Yarnivore combo. Heaven! Maybe literally!
I would use a trip to see my family in CT as an excuse for a sidetrip to see that rockin' duo. Grama's always trying to get me to go to church.

Posted by: Mercedes at July 13, 2004 03:30 PM

Love you TOO, Rose!!!

Can't wait for your store to open and I can come and hang out in Brooklyn with all the COOLEST EAST COASTERs around...

Posted by: Bonne Marie at July 14, 2004 10:48 AM