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June 14, 2004

Voyage of Discovery

What a wonderful weekend! I traveled to Columbus, OH for the summer yarn trade show, sponsored by TNNA. This show is only to the trade; there are no retail sales allowed there. So just about everyone you meet there is a fiber professional, which turns out to be very stimulating. (I was able to ask several shop owners how they are enjoying themselves, and every single one said she was having a good time, despite the obvious challenges of owning a small business.)

Annie Modesitt and I shared a room and spent the weekend traipsing around the show. I had a much better time with her than I would have had alone. Being on a business trip but having someone to pal around with was great! She has promised to kick my ass until I get Yarnivore open.

I wrote up several advance orders for yarns for the store; the vendors I placed these with will keep them on file until I am ready to have them ship. I have small amounts of some of these yarns coming to me soon, so I'll be able to work on shop samples over the next few weeks.

Posted by Rose at June 14, 2004 11:55 AM