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May 25, 2004

baby knitting

(This entry does not tell you how to knit a baby. You'll have to look that up on your own.)

All my friends are having babies! And I want to knit for all of them!

Patterned sock yarn is turning out to be a good friend -- Regia and Opal look great in baby clothes. Both are machine washable, so I don't have to worry about conveying care instructions.

Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride knits up super quickly, but can only be used for babies with wool-savvy parents. Knit to a proper gauge (about 5 stitches to the inch) it won't shrink too much, but it's best not to tempt fate.

In cottons, the new "Cotton Stria" from Manos del Uruguay is also terrific -- unbelievably soft. Selfishly, before I make a baby garment out of it, I'm making a scarf in a very Shrek-y chartreuse.

What are other people's favorite "knitting for babies" yarns? I'd love to hear more suggestions.

Posted by Rose at May 25, 2004 11:55 AM


I like Sirdar's Rio which is 60% cotton, 40% acrylic and very soft, almost chenilly (is that a word?) and fairly fine for baby yarn-type patterns. I love all the Lang baby yarns but you've got to be in the mood for fine needles. For immediate gratification I'm loving King Tut 100% cotton which knits up at Aran weight but has great stitch definition and springiness. I like non-pastels, too, for babies and the color selection for it is awesome... Good luck with it!

Posted by: Caroline at May 25, 2004 07:32 PM

Lion Brand Babysoft - hey, it's not high end, but it's machine washable and it's very soft and the colors don't totally suck - they have hot pink and a good purple so it's not all wishy washy pastels.

Posted by: elaine at May 30, 2004 10:16 PM