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October 27, 2003

Technology Gets Ahead of Itself

Technology Gets Ahead of Itself Again

Man, this OutKast CD has been gold as far as coming up with subjects for blog posts goes. So I was playing the OutKast CD on the DVD player, since the stereo was not in the room in which I was reading, but the DVD player was. So this meant I needed to have the TV on to hear any sound.

However -- when the TV is set to receive the DVD signal, but it's only receiving audio and no video, it shows a big static image that says "Sony DVD Player", accompanied by a picture of a big shiny DVD. And it shows that picture for a long, long time, until such time as a blinky screen saver appears.

This is all kind of distracting. Perhaps we've reached the point where TV remotes need to come with a "blind" button as well as a mute button, so one could turn off the picture, but not the sound. I mean, my cable package comes with all these digital radio streams; it's honestly a little distracting to have the accompanying slideshow playing if I want to listen to one of them while doing something else.

I could also go for a button that automatically eliminated laugh tracks from TV shows. Let's get on this shit, science.

Posted by Rose at October 27, 2003 01:28 AM