January 12, 2011

A few things

First off, today's crossword in the Onion is by me. The Onion crosswords don't have titles, but if they did, this one would be called "Aw, Dry Up".

In other crossword-related updates, outgoing NY Times crossword blogger Jim Horne cited my "Flag Day" puzzle in his year-end wrap-up as his personal choice for "puzzle of the year". Thanks, Jim!

Finally, here's an embedded version of a short video I made a little while ago during the heyday of people posting identically-structured Xtranormal videos about acting/writing/singing/you name it:

And finally (I lied about the previous "finally"), my next puzzle book "Sudoku in Space" will be out in just a few weeks. It contains nearly 200 full-color sudoku variant puzzles (of many different types), all personally constructed with the loving care I bring to all my work when I'm not slacking off or cranking out a hack job for a fast buck. I've gotten my hands on a prerelease copy and it looks great. You can preorder it now (Amazon, B&N) or keep your eye on this space if you'd like to try your luck, because I'll be posting a solving contest in about a week, and will be randomly drawing one correct solver to win a signed copy.

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