August 28, 2008

The Tie Project, days 231-240

What with all the recent hits I got for the Tie Project, I thought it behooved me to do another post in case any of those people came back looking for more. So here it is.

Day 231. This is what passes for dressing conservatively round these parts.


Day 232. Yes, that's an owl. This outfit makes me think that I'd really like to see a rap group who all wore shirts like this and called themselves the Seersucker MCs.


Day 233. Probably won't be going back to this combo, though the colors are pretty good together. But the shiny tie with the flannel shirt didn't quite work for me.


Day 234. Now this combo I kind of can't believe I hadn't worn before. Then again, I do kind of have a lot of ties and shirts, so maybe it's not that surprising.


Day 235. I like this combination a lot too. The whole outfit sort of looks like you're seeing it on an old TV with dicey reception, with the faint horizontal lines.


Day 236. I wore this for a tap dance routine that Lorinne and I choreographed together.


Day 237. A recombination of two previously seen garments. I like it.


Day 238. Was I in a hurry this morning or something? The knot is off-center, the shirt is all bunchy at the neck, and it's not a great combination anyway. The blues are totally different.


Day 239. I guess I went with something less complicated after being a little dissatisfied with day 238.


Day 240. The tie is a new acquisition, and is, against all odds of such a thing existing, yet another tie that goes with this shirt, previously seen on day 105.


Next time: Colonel Francis, in the wardrobe, with the tie clip.

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August 27, 2008

Tango music

Bostonians and near-Bostonians may be interested to know about this recital, which will feature several Holy Tango poems set to arty modern classical-type music. Lorinne will be singing two of the songs (and one other song which features no Holy-Tango-related content at all, for whatever reason anyone would bother writing classical music which I did not inspire), and I will be introducing the songs and giving a very short reading. Now if I could only get other composers interested in the project; I'd like to hear Steve Reich's "Secret Hive" and John Adams's "Honda Jams".

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August 26, 2008

Seen here in its natural habitat

Lorinne finds the best photograph in Wikipedia.

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August 22, 2008

Project-ile blogging

I got some bloggy love today for the Tie Project -- one link from my pal and longstanding Tie Project fan Erin, in an article for Jugglezine (which has nothing to do with juggling of the tossing-balls-in-the-air type, as I assumed it did when I saw it in my referral log); and one link as part of a link roundup in Gala's Icing, which was followed up some some complimentary comments here, there, and in my flickr stream, with only one hater, which is a pretty good ratio.

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China: still one of the worst places in the world

Did you know that no one is protesting at the Olympics because all their grievances have been addressed? It's true!

Some political analysts say the police may be refusing to enforce the government’s order, announced last month, to allow protest zones. Chinese lawyers and human rights advocates also suggested a more cynical motivation — that the authorities were using the possibility of legal demonstrations as a ploy to lure restive citizens into declaring their intention to protest, allowing the police to take action against them.

...[W]ith four days left before the closing ceremony, the authorities acknowledge that they have yet to allow a single protest. They claim that most of the people who filed applications had their grievances addressed, obviating the need for a public expression of discontent.

...Officials say that they received 77 protest applications but that nearly all of them were dropped after the complaints were “properly addressed by relevant authorities or departments through consultations.”

So that all worked out! Well, maybe except for the two elderly women sentenced to re-education through forced labor (since I'm pretty sure their complaint was not "We're not getting enough exercise").

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August 05, 2008

Bloggy, bloggish, or blogical?

In case you haven't seen it, here's an excellent article from my pal Erin about coined words and why you shouldn't feel igry about using them.

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