April 21, 2010

What's the Buzz?

It's time once again for my latest Onion crossword. The theme in this one is pretty straightforward, but I went overboard on the amount of theme material -- of the nonblack squares, 92 are themed and 91 aren't. The word count is low too (74 words); I originally had another black square breaking up 14- and 65-Across, but the fill in the upper left was weaker with the black square in. Anyway, that's all the sort of thing that only matters to other crossword constructors; feel free to just enjoy the puzzle and not give any thought to how masterful and painstaking my cruciverbal work was.

(Live the carefree life of a crossword solving person with Across Lite. Or solve from a pdf instead.)

Posted by Francis at 02:36 PM

Oh, Francis, I'm sorry. I didn't count anything. You know why? Because it was just an enjoyable theme. You bamboozled me with smoothness and lightness of theme, and I didn't think to marvel at the ginormity of thematic material.

You and Byron are going to make people expect 90-square themes in every Onion puzzle, you know.

Posted by: Amy Reynaldo at April 21, 2010 03:27 PM
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