September 21, 2008

The Tie Project, days 241-248

Next month you'll be able to see the Tie Project live! on stage! at Union Hall in Park Slope, as part of the highly entertaining Adult Education lecture series. You won't want to miss it, unless you are one of my enemies. (More reminders will be forthcoming as the date approaches.) Anyway, I'm taking the occasion of giving this presentation as an excuse to try to catch up on my massive backlog of unposted tie photos. Wish me luck.

Day 241. One thing I like about this tie is how, from a distance, it looks like there's purple in it, but then when you look closer, it's actually red dots on a grayish background. And suddenly I sound like a scene from "Sunday in the Park With George."


Day 242. I wear this shirt with a lot of different ties, don't I? Hello again, shirt.


Day 243. Fun new shirt from Daffy's. (Well, new when I took the photo.) Tie is another one I got from the giveaway table at Cargo -- it's good that sometimes I get the opportunity to acquire ties for free, because I probably wouldn't have paid for it, but I like how it works here.


Day 244. A different tie than I've worn with this shirt before. I like the way this tie looks with it much better than the other one.


Day 245. This tie is another one from Cargo, but it's actually from after I stopped working there. Rose had taken over the copyediting post I vacated, and around Christmastime Miguel, one of the guys in the fashion department, gave her this to give me. It's a Duchamp tie, a make which you may remember I love from the time Lorinne got me one as a gift. The shirt is new, but I forget where it came from.


Day 246. Is this really the first time this shirt is appearing in the Tie Project? I feel like I wear it all the time; it's so comfortable. Maybe I'm just not seeing it in the archives. Or maybe I bought it more recently than I think I did. This is what happens when I wait too long to post these pictures.


Day 247. Sunflowers, baby! Again! But with a blue background this time. Other than the color scheme, this tie is the same pattern as the tie in that photo. And still this is not the other, third sunflower tie I have that is the exact same fabric as the shirt. Apparently I like sunflowers.


Day 248. One of my favorite shirts (mmm, linen, mmm, good colors), combined here with some items previously seen in other outfits, including the sweater I knit for myself. And yes, this picture was taken during last year's sweater weather. So that should give you some idea of what's in store for me as I try to catch up on all these photos, eeeek.


Next time: Private ties, they're watching you, they see your every move. Private ti-i-i-i-ies.

Posted by Francis at 03:03 PM in Ties

Love 244.


Posted by: Vardibidian at September 21, 2008 03:56 PM

I don't suppose there's any chance that there'll be video posted somewhere on the internet for those of us who aren't anywhere near Brooklyn, but really want to follow along at home...

Posted by: Scott Blomquist at October 1, 2008 03:50 PM
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