September 18, 2008

An Oniony news moment

From an article on the discovery of a previously unknown Mozart piece:

Ulrich Leisinger, head of research at the International Mozarteum Foundation in Salzburg, Austria...says there is no doubt that the single sheet was written by the composer and that it is "really important."

I read that sentence and I can't stop myself from thinking that the next paragraph is going to sound like this:

Leisinger characterized himself as "stoked" about the discovery and expressed his belief that the international classical music community would consider it "fucking awesome," as he did.

(Thanks to Lorinne for the link.)

Posted by Francis at 10:01 AM

I think the Onion would have gone with a less fake-sounding name than "International Mozarteum Foundation".

Posted by: Rubrick at September 18, 2008 01:50 PM

Your next line reminds me a lot of this:

Posted by: Michael at September 18, 2008 10:07 PM

You mean like this, right?

Posted by: RichM at September 20, 2008 03:40 PM

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