September 11, 2008

Because who knows more about women than 18-year-old boys?

A poem seen on the #10 bus in Denver, Colorado, when I was there earlier this summer:

Women (by Brad Clark, age 18)

Magical Mythical Matriarchal menacing
Complex Charismatic Creative confusing
Social Sexual Smart succubus
Desired Deep Didactic demoralizing
In a world of puzzles and questions
How could it be
That the hardest of all is made from rib of me?

Posted by Francis at 12:01 AM

More therapy, less bible class for Mr. Clark.

Posted by: Orange at September 11, 2008 10:44 AM

That little fucker plagiarized me!

Posted by: Drunken Hearted Man at September 28, 2008 02:38 AM
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