July 19, 2008

The Tie Project, days 222-230

I am a bad person. I should be writing the next chapter of my book, but instead I played "Professor Layton and the Curious Village" on my Nintendo DS and am reading "High Fidelity". As penance, I will update the Tie Project.

Day 222. Not one of my best. More of an attempt to get this tie out into the fresh air than anything else.


Day 223. This combo I like. I always enjoy the vividness of this shirt.


Day 224. I bought this shirt twice, in two colorways, on the same shopping trip. (See day 19 for the other one.) But this one I don't wear as often because it's a little too big for me. It matched nicely with the tie I bought in Ann Arbor, though, so I broke it out.


Day 225. This shirt's been seen quite a few times in the project, since it's relatively sedate and thus easier to match. It's livened up a bit by the tie, which was worn about two weeks previously in actual tie-wearing time, and several months ago in blog time, on day 211.


Day 226. This is the shirt I wore with yesterday's tie on day 211. The tie was a recent acquisition, I think, probably from the flea market on 7th Avenue.


Day 227. This shirt is kind of weird-looking. (The pockets in particular are kind of strange.) Not sure the tie managed to redeem it here.


Day 228. Not my most exciting combination, but I like the way the pink and blue stripes on the shirt are echoed in the background of the tie.


Day 229. Bright! Very bright. The matching parts of the shirt and tie are not so prominent in the picture (the thin brown stripes, the yellow stripe way off to the side, the handful of magenta circles on the tie). Mostly I feel like the shirt and tie match because, you know -- bright!


Day 230. This is the outfit I wore on the very first day of the Tie Project, but now I think that photo looks kind of sloppy, so I took a new picture.


And so, having come full circle to my first outfit, this would be a perfect time to bring the Tie Project to an end.

Except I'm not going to.

Next time: A complete reimagining of the whole Tie Project! (Not really.)

Posted by Francis at 06:35 PM in Ties

My vote on why day 227's shirt is weird-looking: the patterns on the pocket flaps line up with those on the rest of the shirt. That isn't supposed to happen.

Posted by: Robert Hutchinson at July 20, 2008 01:25 AM

Kudos! 228 is my favorite...

Posted by: Annie Spandex at August 21, 2008 07:38 PM

I've never been here before but I've just spent about an hour marveling at the project. I definitely approve and really wish I had your skills with a tie.

Posted by: Lindsay at August 22, 2008 12:23 AM

Whoa! This is my first time seeing your project and you have an awesome talent of matching patterns with patterns! If you are not already in the artistic line of work (I must admit, I mostly looked at photos, and did not read) then you definitely should be! Take the tie-shirt matching to let's say wallpapers and sofas? Some of the combos you have put together literally made me yell out loud 'wow, that is SO cool!' Keep up the good work, and I am definitely bookmarking your site. ;)

Posted by: Kenike at August 22, 2008 05:07 AM

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