February 24, 2008

The world is full of many types of people

For instance: there is the type of person who goes to concerts in bars and gets really drunk; who makes a nuisance of himself to his friends throughout the entire concert by hugging them from behind, rocking them back and forth, and yelling in their ears despite their obvious discomfort with his behavior; who generally exhibits no sense of awareness that there is anyone in the room besides him; and who, when he is leaving (just at the moment the tip jar is getting close to him) and putting on his coat, and backing up and backing up some more until he is about to walk into you and your girlfriend (who are already squeezed up against the wall), or perhaps elbow her in the head while putting on said coat, and then you gently touch his back in the universal symbol of "hey, dude, careful, you're about to back into us", turns around, furious, and makes gestures that indicate that he is wondering if you want a piece of him, and continues to make such gestures until he leaves.

Did I mention that this type of person is, like, twice my size?

Sometimes I forget that even though I am a huge music snob, the bands I am a fan of are not solely liked by non-dickheads.

Posted by Francis at 12:08 AM

>>>Did I mention that this type of person is, like, twice my size?

Practice your "crazy." A good stare is worth 150 lbs. Seriously. Crazy beats big every time. For reference, see the appropriate excerpt from Eddie Murphy's Raw.

Posted by: Jonathan at February 24, 2008 04:38 PM

You should've spit in his coffee. I'm pretty sure that's the answer to everything.

Posted by: Rubrick at February 25, 2008 06:33 PM

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