February 01, 2008

Heaneyland on tour

On other websites. See? At least I don't neglect other people's blogs the way I neglect my own. Anyway, I've got the Comment of the Week at the Comics Curmudgeon (my first! I'm so proud. Anyway, it refers to this entry) and one of the runner-up anti-captions in radosh.net's New Yorker Anti-Caption Contest. Perhaps the associated blog posts for those comments will amuse you until I post the next set of mp3s.

Posted by Francis at 12:07 PM

We all know you're just off with the Jungle Patrol.

Posted by: RichM at February 3, 2008 08:02 PM

Who's tougher than lazy bloggers? Not pirates!

Posted by: Francis at February 5, 2008 02:13 PM
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