January 15, 2008

Best of 2007, #5

#5: Laura Veirs, "Saltbreakers"
You might know Laura Veirs as "that other singer on the Decemberists' The Crane Wife", but of course she's also got her own thing going on. I bought her 2004 album, "Carbon Glacier", and loved a few songs utterly to bits while the rest were -- well, certainly not bad songs, but damnable with less effusive praise. I skipped the last album based on mp3s I heard, but when this album rolled around, there wasn't a non-earworm in the bunch. Here's a slow one and a fast one for you: "Wandering Kind" and "Phantom Mountain".

You no like to download? How about some YouTube videos, how do those work for you? Because this prize-winning fan video for "Phantom Mountain" is pretty great. I also like this one from the runners-up. Then consider buying the album for full price at Amazon but decide it's too expensive and make a mental note to try your local used CD store instead.

Posted by Francis at 01:29 AM
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