November 29, 2007

Poster girls

Once again we learn that there is no topic that New York Post editorial cartoonist Sean Delonas cannot turn into a referendum on the attractiveness (or lack thereof) of Camilla Parker-Bowles. Mind you, what that topic is, I'm not exactly sure.

But because Sean Delonas is a creative, restless man, Camilla is far from the only woman romantically linked to a British luminary that he mocks based on her physical traits. There's also Heather Mills, who gets the Delonas treatment in THREE cartoons this month (although I honestly don't really get the most recent one -- he's saying Heather is a witch, and her witch friends are consoling her by saying that Paul's new lady friend is not a witch, so he's not Paul's type? I am confused). And sometimes he mocks women who aren't romantically linked to British people at all!

I just can't believe he isn't still finding excuses to make fun of Paris Hilton.

(Previously on the subject of Camilla, and more of the same.)

Posted by Francis at 12:09 PM

Francis, this is what that dumbass was drawing about.

Posted by: Grant Barrett at November 29, 2007 01:03 PM

Does Delonas also mock men for shallow, appearance-related reasons, or is he exclusively a misogynist? I am not well-versed in his oeuvre.

Posted by: Orange at November 29, 2007 01:17 PM

Grant: Aha, thanks.

Orange: He doesn't go after men as egregiously, I don't think. I mean, you couldn't call the caricature of Prince Charles attractive, but he's not making a point of harping on Charles. He is relentlessly one-note about everyone (Bill Clinton, for instance, always equals "horndog"), but I think his attitude toward women stands out as particularly appalling even in an oeuvre as generally appalling as his already is.

Posted by: Francis at November 29, 2007 03:24 PM

There's a very simple reason he mocks women for being unattractive. Because they're girls and they're icky. No one finds so many gay agendas and manufacturers excuses to mock gays unless they're hiding something.

In Delonas' case, I'm just gonna say it's his unquenchable thirst for cock.

Posted by: queefersutherland at December 4, 2007 05:16 PM
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