August 27, 2007

I think Harriet Miers is going to turn the Justice Department around

Apparently Alberto Gonzales is finally going to resign. Not because he's admitting to any wrongdoing, but because Congress is mean:

The official who disclosed the resignation today said that the decision was Mr. Gonzales’s and that the president accepted it grudgingly. At the same time, the official acknowledged that the turmoil over Mr. Gonzales had made his continuing as attorney general difficult.

“The unfair treatment that he’s been on the receiving end of has been a distraction for the department,” the official said.

Bush, of course, would rather the poor unfairly treated fellow stay on.

Earlier this month, at a news conference, Mr. Bush dismissed accusations that Mr. Gonzales had stonewalled or misled a congressional inquiry. “We’re watching a political exercise,” Mr. Bush said. “I mean, this is a man who has testified, he’s sent thousands of papers up there. There’s no proof of wrong.”

He then went on to say in my imagination, "I mean, he's held an awful lot of press conferences. Surely he would have mentioned in one of them if he had done anything illegal."

Posted by Francis at 09:27 AM

i LOVE politics!!! oh wait no i dont
srsly, no matter who else gets voted into office next year.. are things really going to get better? when you're rich, why *wouldn't* you want more money? when you have power, why *wouldnt* you want to take advantage of it?? imo, the vast majority of people with power and/or money don't care about anyone but themselves. and people who will give them money and/or make them feel good about themselves. that sort of thing. hell, the vast majority of normal and average people are that way, too, they just like to *think* they're not.
i cant wait for nuclear war.

Posted by: Tracy at August 28, 2007 01:58 AM

Tracy: Why not take advantage? Ethics? Strength of character?

I realize these things are generally antithetical to actually getting elected, but I find it difficult to believe almost anyone isn't going to be an improvement, if only because no one is going to want to start with approximately Dubya's approval rating and somehow find a way to go down from there.

Posted by: Dart at August 28, 2007 07:55 AM
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