May 24, 2007

A place where "end of term" is an ambiguous phrase

I had no idea there was any such thing as "pregnancy schools". Now that I know about them, I'm surprised they lasted this long.

Posted by Francis at 12:44 PM

The mere mention of these places makes my blood boil! I'm glad to hear they're being closed down, bit by bit.

Posted by: CC at May 24, 2007 04:59 PM

Oh my god. That's, that's *Dickensian.*

Posted by: Lance at May 25, 2007 02:31 AM

well, i guess for the girls that actually went to thier classes there, they may have learned a few things about parenting that they otherwise would not have.
besides that, yeah, it's probably a good idea to close down. it's really sad how the educational system is these days though. SO many kids just dont care.

Posted by: Tracy at May 25, 2007 02:43 AM

Huh. I had no idea such places still existed. When I was in high school in the 70s, girls who got pregnant still "went away" - I think they mostly went to some sort of Home for Pregnant Girls (somewhere in north Texas, as I recall). Everybody knew what had happened, but they were allowed to come back afterwards; after all, the school never officially acknowledged that they knew anything about it.

However, a girl in my class got pregnant our senior year and was allowed to stay in school. As far as I know, she was the first one ever in our school district. I guess I just assumed that if that was passe in small-town Texas thirty years ago, it was everywhere else, too.

Posted by: Mel at May 25, 2007 12:00 PM
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